Operations Innovation

Training and teaching

We help companies to use operations technology in innovative ways, with proven methods developed by OSU's Global Supply Chain Forum, University of Miami's Center for Advanced Supply Chain Management and STHAL own's disruptive innovation for operations. A recent survey estimates productivity gains from the Industrial IoT adding a sizable $10 trillion to $15 trillion to global GDP.

    Workforce skills training set:

  • Operations, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management

  • Formats and specs for data, information and signals flow

  • Data representation, statistical content, correlation to signals

  • Usage of data, information and signals for automated processing

  • Data ingestion and management in your organizations

  • Data from your operations available to all systems

  • Data centralization for operations

  • Data security for operations

  • Analytics and machine learning for operations

  • Order & Policy research

  • Mathematical Modeling

  • Advanced statistics

  • Linear Programming

  • Control systems

  • Queue Theory

  • Simulation

Prepare your workforce & enable digital transformation