Frequently Asked Questions


How does it work?

Owners and operators looking for control, visibility, and savings under an affordable, easy-to-implement model.

STHAL LLC proprietary sustainable technology provides customers with intelligence from their Operations, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Production, Distribution, and Support data or signals. We use customer operations data and signals to help the customer to perform computational and data science in its operation.

We use dynamic operations representations to identify inefficiencies, today’s point-to-point or enterprise resource planning (ERP) based control systems simply can’t see.

What are the 4FLOWS©, VALIDATA©, GST Maps, and why are they important?

Our unique approach to model operations are the monitoring of 4FLOWS© and our analytics to help us to identify statistically the relevance to the operation performance and identify critical data.

Duplicated, incomplete or inaccurate data is one the top reasons that operations visibility fail. VALIDATA© is validation processes, which uses multiple, redundant and concurrent data points to ensure quality, reliable data.

Finally we deploy the operation model into a Geo-Spatial-Temporary structure (GST Maps) to help visualize its dynamics and its associated risks and results and elevate critical events for the decision maker consideration.

What is the businessATLAS©️and why it is important?

businessATLAS© it is a template model for operations. The tool deploys Geo-Spatial-Temporary maps for operations visualization to allow dynamic monitoring for materials, work, money and information resources.

Is my data secure?

All STHAL LLC implementations require customers to house data in at least SSAE 16 - SOC 2 compliant data centers. Access to the monitoring data and signals is granted by customers for the duration of the subscription or project to STHAL LLC monitoring data storage. Several contractual options are available depending upon frequencies and sizes for exportation and back-ups. Capability for raw monitoring customer data, all businessATLAS©️ customers have access to “Export” functionality from within the application at all times.

Cost and T/C’s

Are there Set-up Fees?

In our subscription model there is a small set up fee. In our project model quote is provided with the agreed deliverables and time line.

Are there any implementation costs?

There is no implementation cost in the subscription model. In the project model all implementation cost is included in the quote.

Do you have a standard price list?

STHAL subscriptions are priced individually and vary according to operations complexity, facilities and equipment age, size, systems type and other factors. In essence, price is primarily composed by the operations complexity, the number of monitoring points for analytics by process, and the number of sensors required by the lack of available data or signal.
Projects quotes have an itemized solution to solve the customer problem presented to visualize the operation. Each item in the quote is priced and all derivable are described for the total price and it’s terms and conditions as per the project agreement document. Typically projects have a down payment, payments tied to milestones and the payment of balance upon project completion.

Do I have to buy or install the sensors?

No, if all the data or signals to visualize your operation are available. If the signals are not available all additional sensors and communications equipment are provided and installed by STHAL LLC in the subscription model. Non-intrusive off-the-shelve sensor packages are used with the latest technology in wireless, bluetooth or similar technologies when available.
In the project model we offer customer with alternatives to install the STHAL sensor packages. In addition to off-the-shelve sensor packages, custom sensor packages are designed, manufactured, installed and tested for specialized applications.

Do I need to buy a dedicated PC?

It is optional for our subscription model, as processing requirements are performed at the cloud-based platform and our businessATLAS©️ can be accessed via any web browser, mobile device, or tablet.

What does the typical implementation require from us in terms of time and resources?

The typical implementation requires minimal time from the customer and is mainly focused on basic questions regarding data collection, availability, access and connectivity.

What is contract length?

Our subscription agreement is for 12 months. Our project agreements are by event.

Ok I do not have the data needed, I need new signals, do I need to buy more sensors?

No. We’ve off-the-shelve or developed our own proprietary sensors, and provide these as part of each subscription. In the project model we specify and deliver all sensors required for the implementation as break-down detail in the project quote.

Does it cost anything?

The operation analysis is provided at cost, once the customer engagement is defined the funds are applied to the subscription monthly fee or the project down payment. The cost is travel and lodging expenses times the number of people in the team. Team people number depends upon the operation’s size.

Are there any other un-expected expenses or other considerations?

No. STHAL LLC has no hidden agenda, our only focus on provide operations visibility.

How long does it take to perform an operations walkthrough?

Our operation analysis typically takes 4-8 hours. This analysis helps us project savings and to calculate monthly subscription costs. Ih the project case it give us information we need to provide you with the detailed quote of our solution to your operations visibility problem.

What does the typical implementation require from us in terms of time and resources?

Our operation analysis typically takes 4-8 hours. This analysis helps us project savings and to calculate monthly subscription costs. Ih the project case it give us information we need to provide you with the detailed quote of our solution to your operations visibility problem.


What are the communication capabilities?

For the businessATLAS©️ customers we provide unlimited, customized reporting and alerts. STHAL LLC also offers contractual options to the subscription model customers to “push” scheduled reports by eMail and alerts by text and phone, to different users on an ongoing basis. All data and reporting is real-time, all the time using specific customer-defined fault classifications and goals thresholds.

Does STHAL LLC remotely monitor our activity as well?

Yes, we provide a dedicated businessATLAS©️ monitoring contracting option staffed with engineers. We monitor all of your contracted processes and immediately identify and notify of any major goal departure via phone, email, or text notification.

Does it help us with preventative maintenance issues?

Yes, our predictive analytics my help ensure that maintenance is performed within certain specific applications in the operations processes if available data and signals can be correlated to failure mechanisms.

Will this help me manage new operations?

STHAL LLC works with new and old operations alike. Our proven technology has helped all operations to lower costs, maintain peak performance and reduce waste.

Will this help me with measuring efficacy of new steps in the processes?

Yes. New steps in the processes including its associated money, materials, information and work can be tracked. STHAL LLC analytics allows you to visualize process-step level efficiency.

Can I use STHAL LLC to measure contractor agreement performance?

Yes, STHAL LLC businessATLAS©️ maintains historical, up-to-the-minute data on all operations money, materials, information and work flows associated to process performance metrics and targets.

Do I need to constantly monitor this platform?

No. Our cloud-based businessATLAS©️ is available at any time via a web browser or mobile device. Or alerts by phone, text, or eMail if this option is selected.