Sustainable Technology

By combining and balancing short-term operational needs with long-term survival opportunities for efficiency improvement, we develop sustainable technology to support investment priorities recommendations on the customer operations innovation.

We work directly with customers to provide hardware, algorithms and logic sensorial solutions for sustainable operational needs.

Our modeling products uses tactics, strategies, and concepts derived by rigorous signal processing and data collection to emulate the physics underlying the operation and to develop the sustainable ideal model.

We model the flow of materials, work, money, and information for its impacts and potential.

STHAL mapping tool is called: businessATLAS© it is a pre-wired container model for operations.

STHAL builds Geo-Spatial-Temporary maps for operations visualization and simulation to allow dynamic allocation for materials, work, money and information resources to support customer decisions.

We use fundamental statistical theory for specific quantification of resource allocation, and uncertainty.
We process non-structured data sources and apply, regular expressions, machine learning, markov, direchlet and other advanced networking analytics.

We have state-of-the-art practices including: code verification, object programming, configuration and testing management, quality assurance for hardware, software and firmware. Our models run in Apple desktop and mobile platforms. They can be ported to other infrastructures.

Our products provide a range from tactical -one to one or several to several process changes- to the strategic--industry level, multiple competitors, and market scenarios.

STHAL's technology for operations analysis can assist the customer company in their annual budget plans.

STHAL once the product is adapted, integrated, and deployed provides expert support under reasonable subscription contracts, on-site support can also be provided for those customers who need the investment.