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Operations are chaotic complex systems, challenging to understand and difficult to predict. We help businesses to reduce costs and increasing revenue by predicting and optimizing operations behavior.

STHAL is an engineering firm, that predicts operations behaviors using data and signals, optimize them to increase profits with mathematical modeling, data processing and analytics.


STHAL LLC Solutions


Why Sustainable Technology?

Why use mathematics to understand operations?


Because we help you to avoid depletion of valuable resources. This is good for your business in the long term.


Innovation & Automation engineering for: Service Industry, Commercial, Manufacturing, Operations, Industrial and Energy Processes is no longer a luxury.

Because experimenting is costly. In most cases companies do not find solutions on a trial and error bases.

With computer simulation and mathematical modeling STHAL will help you to find profitable results quicker.

Our expertise is: Sustainable Technology, Heuristics, Algorithms, Logistics Automation.

Why focus in operations?

Processes are the operations roots, and process complexity creates inefficiency, diminishes margins and delays return of investments. Technology inadequately implemented strains operations, making difficult to serve customers. STHAL provides technology solutions to set in motion your company for a sustainable and profitable future.


About Us


STHAL offers years of combined experience in cutting-edge technologies working with global companies and leading organizations.
We have a solid background implementing projects. Our team works with the Center of Advanced Supply Chain Managment at University of Miami when projects need scale.

With our team you are not alone to tackle big problems.

Integrations are done using standard of-the-shelf products in combination with our heuristics, algorithms, and logic as the core of our sustainable technology models and solutions.
STHAL creates these Sustainable Technologies to solve your operational problem in particular, creating lasting competitive advantage.
We are based on South Florida, and have experience working with Latin America and the Caribbean Basin.



We model operations and get insights of where to monitor and track, if the signal or data is not available, we can create sensorial packages to capture those needed signals. We have the expertise in: Mechatronics, Energy, Information Technology, Operations Research, and Control fields to create our unique sustainable technology sensorial package products with: off-the-shelf plus our own hardware, heuristics, algorithms, and logistics components.

We specialize in sensorial packages for operations, we call our products: Operations Sensorial Devices© (OSD's).

We integrate our sensorial packages with our heuristics, algorithms and logic for for operations performance analytics.

Our Operations Sensorial Devices© (OSD's) are network centric. We integrate all the line of Apple Products.

Product offering
OSD for Machinery Tracking OSD for Revenue Protection Energy Storage Product

Time and Distance Monitoring OSD for Heavy Equipment, businessATLAS© operational map to create visualization for operations control and planning

Design and development of an operations sensorial device, to manage revenue from a leased solar heater in residential installations. Operation timer and sensor package to monitor operation and service.

We have created this product with proprietary technology for long lasting battery life, maximize charging cycles, and provide instantaneous power, for off-grid energy storage.

A STHAL engagement will represent a small impact to your budget with a great positive boost to your competitiveness. Our products are excellent support to projects, to help innovate in your operations in three particular areas:

1) Operational response under lumpy conditions. Most all operations have not linearity, most business inputs not normal.

2) Operations Mapping. Our unique technology blend for Geo-Spatial-Temporal structures visualization and our OSD's products.

3) Complexity Reduction. "STHAL adapts, refines, renew your processes until an elegant efficient solution emerges"©.

Lumpiness Operations Mapping Complexity Reduction

We have products to help you identify the data and signals statistical distributions coming from money, information, materials and work flows.

Resources demand or supply, do not follow a steady predictable consumption or delivery patterns.

Operations are not predictable and smooth running process. statistical ICA and PCA analysis for key operations parameters identification, essential to get operational insights for innovation.

We are specialists solving lumpiness problems.

Our businessATLAS© is a Geo-Spatial-Temporal depiction of Money, Information, Work, and Materials Flows Tool Platform.

Our solutions incorporate Operations Sensorial Devices © (OSD's) when your business operation visualization needs them.

Geo-Spatial-Temporary Operational Maps© (GOM's)

Algorithms to visualize and simulate operations dynamic behavior for Risk, Order Policy, and Capacity validation.

Products to differentiate redundancy from backup and support processes.

Every component within a system must have a justification. We minimize risk by understanding the desired outcome, and not by eliminating redundancy when needed this is our unique approach to complexity reduction.

Cost contention is not eliminate assets indiscriminately, which can reduce overall efficiency, operations must be modeled, before attempting costly solutions.

Then the best possible solution to eliminate complexity and waste can be found.




Inventory Reduction Solar Utilities Sinusoidal surface in 3D

Major global corporation facing lumpy demand from high value products and small markets, development and implementation of a multi-stage inventory optimization solution.

Project to deliver to an urban developer the utilities, public furniture, and water works with alternative energy from solar powered system.

Mathematical model of a surface with sin(x), sin(y), and sin(z) in every point, machining coordinates for fabrication.

Healthcare Risk Management Trinidad & Tobago Country Business Velocity Energy production from food organic waste

Our project created a database for data collection, and applications for desktop and mobile platforms, to report statistical analysis for risk management.

Survey for the Ministry of Trade, Commerce and Investment, to measure and compare the countries logistics and supply chain velocity for all sectors and industries.

Model and simulation for feasibility analysis for a University of Miami project to use organic waste from food to generate alternative energy.

Operations Innovation training and teaching CASCM Industry Advisor Small Company Workflow optimization

Concepts and methodology to implement innovative solutions on operations, using Theory of Constrains, OSU Global Supply Chain Forum, UM CASCM 4 workflows, and STHAL's disruptive innovation for operations.

Work with UM's Center for Advanced Supply Chain Management in the implementation of projects in its member companies.

Modeling and simulation of an small company for recommendation for asset disposition, systems re-design, both hardware and software, to improve their internal workflow to increase sales and revenue.

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